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High School Student Launches Sneaker Business

Lane Lukash is a student at Rider high school and at 16 years old he already has a business up and running built around his love of sneakers.

Lukash said he has always had a lot of shoes and after he got his first pair of Jordan’s, that’s when he started trading and selling shoes.

“Whenever I got the navy 11s, I wore them a few times and I was walking through the school and saw someone,” Lukash said. “He said I think my big brother was looking for some of those and I was like well I guess. So I sold them to some air force guy and after that, I think I sold them for 150 or something. I paid way less. After that, it kept going and going. I was like wow I can actually make money off of this. “

Lukash’s inventory has gotten so big he can’t keep all the pairs of shoes at his house.

“A couple months ago I took a picture with my friend and there was about 102 pairs total. Like I obviously keep a lot of shoes on me but I get them and within the next couple of days I would flip them,” Lukash said.

All of the shoes he has sold or traded were purchased with money he earned without the help of his mother.

“Not a lot of people believe me. Everyone thinks all of this is momma’s money. None of this is from her. It’s pretty cool to know a 16-year-old can do all of this,” Lukash said.

As his small business grew, he started using social media to sell shoes. His reach on social media has grown so much he has been contacted by people around the country and even Canada.

“I have people text me from all over the place. I’ll have people ask me for shoes and I’m like alright where are you at? And they say Alabama. I’m like well that doesn’t really do me much,” Lukash said I had a guy in Canada quit his job at McDonald’s to work for me and then I turned him down because that just wasn’t going to work.”

                To help keep track of his inventory and because of the growing popularity he launched his website, cleankickz.com, just two days ago and it has already reached more than 1,000 hits. Lukash has also made shirts with the businesses logo on them and has plans to grow it even more, to see just how far selling sneakers can go.

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