Hike and Bike Trail Nearing 50 Percent Completion

    The first part of the Wichita Falls Hike and Bike Trail was built in 1987.
    The expansion project has been in the works for four years, and now the trail is about 50-percent complete.
    Jack Murphy, Wichita Falls Parks and Recreation Director, says, "This is a continuation of the sections of the circle trail the city is constructing. Eventually when the circle trail is completed, it will be a 23 mile circle around Wichita Falls."
    Nearby residents couldn't be happier.
    Daniel Corrieles, a Wichita Falls resident who lives near part of the trail, says, "I just moved to this side of town, and i think it's going to be just great for everybody.  Everybody can jog, ride their bikes, whatever they want to do."
    Shannon Brajer, who also lives near part of the trail, says, "When I was a little kid I would go up and down on my bike.  Now with it being longer I can go further around town and everything.  I think it will be neat to actually ride it a couple hours instead of just down the street."
    City officials have landed 11 separate grants to fund construction.
    About 84% of the project will be paid for through those grants.
    "In the past when we took advantage of grants that came along, we built trails where we could. At this time, we're linking them all up, and as coincidence and good luck will have it, they'll link up into a circle," Murphy.
    He says the entire 23-mile paved trail should be finished within the next couple years.
    There are several parts of the circle trail that still need to be built.
    Those are around Lucy Park, from Seymour Highway to Barnett Road and from Barnett Road to Fairway, along Lake Wichita.
    Murphy says the construction of a circle trail is less confusing than having a linear trails.
    He says that will benefit the city when hosting different athletic events so riders and runners don't get lost when using the trail.

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