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Electra Man Dies in Home Repair Accident

PETROLIA - A man loses his life after a concrete foundation collapsed on top of him.

Around 9:30 this morning, 36 year-old Louis Michael Bounds of Electra, was working on leveling the porch of a home when a piece of the original foundation collapsed on top of him.

According to his supervisor, Bounds, had just returned to work for the company Wednesday. We spoke to another foundation repair company that says this industry has no government regulation and hopes incidents like the one this morning will help change that.

This is what's left of the scene just South of Petrolia, after a man lost his life after being trapped under a concrete porch of a home on Highway 79.

Bounds worked for Mendoza House Leveling and Repair of Wichita Falls. They were digging under the porch and working to level it when part of the old foundation collapsed trapping him.

"It's a very tragic accident at this point, my heart goes out to his family," said Clay County Sheriff Kenny Lemons.

The supervisor for the leveling company said the man was also struck on the back of the neck with a piece of concrete. He said the accident happened so fast and has left his entire team devastated.

"When we arrived on scene, they were very distraught and tore completely apart," Lemons said. "They watched that young man lose his life, there was nothing they could do."

Lemons said the call came from workers on the scene, but it took another 30 to 40 minutes for the Petrolia and Henrietta Volunteer Fire Departments, using extrication tools, to get bounds out from under the foundation.

Jared Golden, owner of AAA Guardian Foundation Repair, said the foundation repair industry is an important and dangerous one, but has little to no government regulation.

"It's one of the most unregulated industries here," Golden said. "Me and my partners would love for regulation to come in because it would at least standardize everything."

Golden said now, the only safety inspections they receive are through their insurance company. He said he can't even imagine what Bounds' team and supervisor are going through.

"Losing someone that you work beside had got to be extremely difficult and to lose them like that..."

He said he hopes if one good thing comes from this tragic accident, it's that people will better understand why it's important that such a dangerous industry have more oversight.

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