Homeless Shelters Overcrowded; Coats Needed

- The icy weather has many people looking forward to a nice and cozy weekend inside.

But for the folks who have no place to go, Faith Refuge and Faith Mission open their doors, so these folks will have shelter from the cold.

Faith Mission's shelter for men and families housed about 85 people last night, their average is about 50 and Faith Refuge where women and children stay had about 70 women and 22 children last night, nearly double what they usually see.

“Our numbers definitely increase when it gets extreme either way cold or hot,” says Executive Director Steve Sparks.

That increase leads to over crowding.

“We had guys sleeping on the floor here last night because we just don't have enough beds,” says Sparks.

And helping the high number of homeless means staff here have to work overtime.

“Some of our staff members have been spending the night who normally don't at the shelter last night we had employees stay the night our at the refuge just to make sure if there was a power outage or anything like that there would be somebody that who could make the call and make the decisions that need to to be made,” says Sparks.

And more warm bodies in the shelter means more supplies are needed.

“We're giving away coats faster than they're coming in so we really need warm weather gear,” says Sparks.

The cold weather causes a bigger demand for things like coats and blankets. but the same weather conditions cause donations to slow down, where they would normally get 50 drop offs a day, now the loading dock is empty.

Sparks says right now they really need large and extra large coats.

If you want to help Faith Mission, all you have to do is drop off gently used or new coats to any Comet Cleaners or Arbor Creek Apartments on Weeks Park Lane.

Comet will clean the coats and deliver them to agencies, including Faith Mission, who will make sure they get to the people who need them the most.


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