Homeowner Builds Wall To Prevent Flooding

WICHITA FALLS, TX - When rain comes pouring down in Texoma. The city's drainage system near Fairway Blvd and Del Rio Trail is known to overflow.
Sarah Williams lives near the problem area and says she had finally had enough!
"It's so stressful. My home has flooded 8 times in 3 years, it's a nightmare and to have to go through that again this spring, I just couldn't do it, I couldn't do it, " Williams.
She says since the drainage issue stems from an area that is on city property, she called Wichita Falls leaders.
 "So I've turned to the city for help and been repeatedly either strung along or then told "no", there's no help for you, " Williams. 
Then FEMA denied her several times because she does not live in a flood zone.
Now, Sarah hopes this 26 inch stone and concrete fence, built just a week ago, will prevent water from flooding into her home.
 "There's a point where you have to protect your own property and that's what I'm doing," Williams. "I feel sorry for anyone that it affects but again we have to protect what we live in." 
Williams says the fence is just the beginning and there is still so much work ahead.
"We have to completely rip out our sunroom which we've not had the funds to do yet," Williams.
She says they'll also have to find the money to replace all the floors in their home, and furniture that was damaged.
But she says what they've already spent on the fence will certainly be worth it since she will be able to sleep through heavy rain and know that she will wake up in a dry home.

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