Hotter 'N Hell Hundred: Economic Impact

- The economic impact the Hotter 'n Hell Hundred has on this community is enormous.

In 2012 there were around 13,500 registered participants in the Hotter 'n Hell, here to compete, have fun, and spend money.

Burkburnett resident John Orris said, "Oh yeah, I've got a friend from St. Louis who's coming in to stay with us for the Hotter 'n Hell. Course, local friends are riding in the Hotter 'n Hell."

John Orris is like his friend from St. Louis and so many others.

He understands what it is that makes the Hotter 'n Hell so special.

"The Hotter 'n Hell is the granddaddy of them all. I mean, 14, 15 thousand riders. It's the size and the grandeur of it that really attracts me to it."

So many thousands of riders who aren't in town alone.

They bring friends and family as well.

Julie Ayres, HHH Media Representative explained, "They bring their children. They go and enjoy our water park. They go to our mall. They shop here. They stay here. They stay at our hotels. They fill up our hotels."

Roby Christie, Hotter 'n Hell Founder told us, "The first year we had the Hotter 'n Hell Hundred, the Board of Commerce and Industry at the time, said that first year, based on all the people who were here, we had a 3 and a half million dollar economic impact. About 2 years ago, the BCI ran the numbers, and it came to over 8 million dollars in 2010 for an economic impact. That's not money we received, that's money the community earns. Gas stations and restaurants and hotels."

"It is the event that brings the most money from visitors into our community. We have over 20,000 visitors that come to visit our city, and all of those visitors spend money with our local businesses. Over 8and-a-half million dollars people will spend in that 4 day weekend," said Ayers.

Like John Orris, his friend from St. Louis, and all the others, Julie Ayres also understands why.

"It just brings so much into our community. It brings so much passion and so much energy. It's just such a fun event to get out and get involved in. It inspires people every year to get fit, to get healthy, and to be involved in this community," Ayers said.

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