Hotter 'n Hell Hundred Organizers Making Drought-Related Changes

- With stage five water restrictions possibly in effect this summer, Hotter 'n Hell Hundred organizers are planning to be even more water conscious during this year's ride.

"This year, we're taking and making a few extra contingency plans," Chip Filer, HHH executive director, says.

Athletes pedaling in all of the rides and races have to stay hydrated, of course, especially since race day temperatures are normally in the triple digits.

"We have big 300-400 gallon water tanks that we put out at each of the rest stops, and that's what we really draw on for the needs of the rest stop," Filer says.

That water normally comes from city fire hydrants, but will now come from a different source.

"This year with what's looking like very severe water restrictions, we're going to haul that water in," Filer says.

There's even a sub-committee in charge of water.

Right now, they're working on finding a source for the water, and a tanker to transport it.

Aside from that, directors say awareness is key.

"One of the things that we'll do with the 'August Ride' tabloid and we'll do on our social media is update riders that are coming to town about the situation and where we're out with drought and water conservation and ask us all to do that," Filer says.

This year's Hotter 'n Hell Hundred will be Saturday, August 23.

Several local hotels have put drought and water conservation information in their rooms so out-of-town riders will be educated on water restrictions here and will hopefully help conserve water while in town.

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