Hotter'N Hell 2014 Riders May Be in Need of a Place to Stay

- Thousands of riders will be in Wichita Falls in a little over two months, for the Hotter'N Hell events. But some could be looking for a place to stay at the last minute.

That's because rooms some riders booked at a local hotel, may not be available.

Dozens of riders pre-paid last year in order to stay at their hotel of choice again this year for the Hotter 'N Hell ride. But one hotel under renovation may not be open by then, and this has Hotter 'N Hell organizers concerned.

Thousands of riders from all over the nation head to Wichita Falls every summer for the annual Hotter'N Hell ride. To ensure they will have a room most riders book their hotel reservations far in advance for the next year.

And this year, some riders could run into a big problem after paying in advance for rooms at one hotel.

"We've had people call and they've got reservations, one of them 500 bucks. We got one guy that contacted us just this weekend, that's into the hotel for a thousand dollars. Two rooms with two people each," Chip Filer, Hotter'N Hell Executive Organizer, says.  

Filer is talking about the New Grand Hotel, formerly the Howard Johnson.

According to the Wichita County Public Health District, this hotel doesn't have its lodging permit after the district did not renew it after standards could not be met.

And as of now, the business hasn't applied for a permit either.

"We have been working with them for over a year in order to correct deficiencies that they had in order to keep their lodging permit. And we finally reached a point where they weren't going to be able to do the renovations and make the corrections in a timely manner, so we didn't renew their permit," Lou Kreidler with the Wichita County Public Health District says. 

An employee at the hotel tells us they will be opening by mid-July, but Filer says the hotel hasn't been answering calls from the upset riders and the number has been disconnected.

"Our big concern is we get to Hotter'N Hell weekend, people think they have reservations and a place to stay and they come to town on Friday and there's no hotel," Filer says. 

Now the chairman of the company that owns the hotel said the same thing as the employee, that they will be open by mid-July.

However, once again, the health department has not even received an application for a permit. While it could only take only two weeks for a permit to get approval, for hotels that need extensive work it could take months.

So organizers are trying to find host families for the riders in August.

So if you are interested in hosting riders in your home just visit the Hotter'N Hell website and contact the organizers.

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