HSWC Receives Seized Dogs from Holliday

- Residents who live in the Holliday city limits are only suppose to have a maximum of four pets but Holliday officials say a woman greatly exceeded that number.

Early Monday morning the Humane Society of Wichita County had 56 dogs. By noon that that number jumped to 73 after the shelter received 17 chihuahuas seized from a home in Holliday.

Shelter officials say five of those dogs had to be put down.

Now workers are searching for homes for the remaining 12 before they possibly receive nearly a dozen more dogs.

"I'm not sure if they had a phone call but I know she had some rent issues so they went over there... the police department did and that's when they found all the dogs," says Cheryl Miller, executive director at the Humane Society of Wichita County.

Out of 17, twelve remain.

"Usually when you have a hoarding situation the dogs are fearful and really hard to adopt out but these little guys seem to be pretty friendly," Miller explains.

They're now available for adoption and Alice Baumgartner is helping to find them homes.

"I'm taking pictures of some of the little ones. I have a sister-in-law who might. Maybe. Possibly. I have other friends who may be in the market and these babies need homes," says Baumgartner who works with the Humane Society of Wichita County.

Shelter officials say the previous owner actually has several chihuahua puppies that may be joining this pack soon.

"She has 10 more at her house and they've given her a time limit... 10 days to get them on a spay/neuter list.  If not, then we'll be getting 10 more," Miller says.

Although five chihuahua's were in our story, one is in quarantine for biting a shelter employee while the remaining six dogs were getting spayed or neutered today.
Shelter officials will give Texomans first choice to adopt them but say the ones that are not in homes after a few weeks will be transported to New York and Pennsylvania by the Helping Hounds organization for adoption in those states.

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