Hundreds Rally Around Red River Landowners

- Hundreds of people gathered along the red river today to take a stance against a possible land grab by the bureau of land management.

And, the rally had a bigger meaning to the people there then trying to keep their land.

The event Saturday was focused around individual rights while honoring those that died giving us the freedom we have.

People from across Texoma sat on trucks and camping chairs along the Red River Saturday, listening to music and speakers defending their rights to keep their land.

Many held signs, carried flags and upheld their second amendment rights.

“It's camaraderie, everybody’s here supporting Texas, showing support for each other,” says Red River Land Owner Jimmy Smith.

It's support land owner Jimmy Smith says he appreciates as he owns 140 acres, some of it now in jeopardy of being taken by the BLM. 

“It's very rewarding to know that people with come in your aid without asking and that's what these guys did, they all did this without asking,” says Smith.

Supporters say they came out because they want to make sure the BLM doesn't impose on their rights any further.

“As of right now the BLM thinks that they have these overreaching powers, powers to just come in and take people's land and if not checked that will really grow out of control and lead into a government and a state in this country that no one wants to see,” says Murdoch Pizgatti, Founder of Come and Take It.

“If you can't depend on your land, on your property, then all of your other rights are suspect, so this is fundamental, this is our line in the sand,” says Governor Candidate Kathie Glass.

Smith says he hopes everyone coming together will help the landowners be more prepared to face the BLM at their next meeting.

It gives everybody as landowners to come together and share information and be able to get in contact and stay better informed.

The BLM is looking at 115 mile stretch of land along the red river to determine what parts are public.

The decision could impact nearly 50 pieces of deeded land.

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