IDEA W.F. Finalists Compete for $75K in Cash, Prizes

- Finalists are putting the finishing touches on their product presentations in this year's IDEA W.F. business competition.

It's down to six ideas.

The first company is based in Wichita Falls.

Dr. Jeff Stambaugh, director of the Lalani Center for Entrepreneurship, says, "AHS Franchise is a company that has already developed a proven method of providing oil field services, so they're already a successful company. From that successful company, they're going to start a new company that's focused on multiplying that business model and providing training to people so they can succeed in the oil field services industry."

The inventor of the next idea says his product serves a need that everybody has.

Kent Mills, an inventor, says, "This is called The Paint Pal. What it is is let's say you have to paint a room. Most rooms you've got to give them two coats of paint, so you paint your first coat, then you have to rinse out your paintbrushes and your paint roller or your paint will dry."

The Paint Pal aims to combat that hassle by keeping your brushes and paint fresh for their next use.

Another idea from a Wichita Falls based company is a wearable product.

"Kangawear is an innovative product that's going to be of interest to newborn families," Dr. Stambaugh says. "It's about providing skin-to-skin contact which has tremendous health benefits, they say, for infants between the parents and the child."

The fourth idea is from an Iowa Park-based company and aims to reduce hospital acquired infections.

Jeff Nolen, president of BioPure, says, "We have a means by which we can go into the hospitals, surgical suites, and medical facilities and apply a dry fog application through a two-step process that we've developed with our chemical manufacturers and product manufacturers to eliminate odor causing and infection causing bacteria, modes, and viruses."

Those who like to throw back a frosty brew will love the next idea.

This one comes from Wichita Falls-based Masthead Brewery.

"There's been a change in the microbrewery industry," Dr. Stambaugh says. "Before, they weren't allowed to sell the product on site. Now they can. It was a recent change in the Texas Legislature. It's going to be a combination of opening a facility here in Wichita Falls for the public and also producing a product that's going to be sold throughout the region."

And finally, a product to deal with a hot topic on everyone's minds: water.

Greywater Authority, of Wichita Falls, makes a do-it-yourself kit to effectively save greywater in your home.

Chris Cornman, owner of the company, says, "The easiest way to set it up, and the way we recommend is just an easy tie-in to the washing machine. We install a valve there that allows you to use the used water in your washing machine either outside to your landscape or back down your sewer if you're going to wash some whites with some bleach or something, you definitely don't want that water going outside."

This year's winners will be announced at a banquet at 11:30 a.m. on April 2 where Cliff Hudson, the CEO of Sonic, will also be speaking.

For ticket information, visit or call (940) 397-4634.

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