Impact of Iraq Unrest Fueling Anger at the Pump

- If you've pulled up to a gas pump over the past few days, you've noticed prices are on the rise.

The price of gas typically increases this time of year when more people hit the road for vacations. But another reason for the high prices is the current turmoil in Iraq-.
And analysts say the combination of both reasons is fueling driver frustrations.

If you drive a vehicle that is not electric, gasoline is a necessity. And over the past few days that necessity is getting more expensive.

"Yesterday, it was $3.35 at Valero.  Today it's $3.49.  Now you tell me.  They jump up from $3.35 to $3.49.  That ain't right," says Harold Bundy, of Wichita Falls.

It may not be right but it is happening and AAA Texas officials say two factors are fueling the increase.

"The main reason why we're seeing prices increase is that you've got the speculation and concern over what's happening in Iraq. That's the international factor.  Domestically, demand for fuel is going up.  Now that the kids are out of school families are taking those summer road trips and the demand for gasoline is higher," says Doug Shupe, AAA Texas spokesperson.

And drivers, like Crystal Riley who works in home health care, says the rising price at the pump is painful.

"I think it's ridiculous cause people are having to drive back and forth.  I live in Burkburnett and I'm having to drive back and forth and it's kind of expensive and I wish they'd make up their minds if it's gonna be high or low," Riley says.

AAA experts say because of the unrest in Iraq, it is unknown how long prices will continue to rise and how close they could get to the $4 a gallon price we saw  six years ago.

We found prices in Wichita County that ranged from $3.29 to $3.74 a gallon for regular unleaded. For the cheapest prices, click here.

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