Incandescent Light Bulbs Outlawed After New Year

If you still prefer the old incandescent style light bulbs over the more energy efficient types, you will soon be hard pressed to continue your old- fashioned lighting ways.

The incandescent bulbs are slowly disappearing from the stores and in just a week, two more of the most popular sizes will no longer be shipped to stores.

The phase out of the old light bulbs has been going on several years.

Last year 75 and 100-Watt incandescent bulbs were outlawed and come the new year, 40 and 60-Watt bulbs join the list of forbidden lighting. The phase out began when president George W. Bush signed the legislation in 2007.

But while many have not seen the light and prefer the old bulbs, there does not seem to be any mad rush to stock up on them before they disappear from shelves

At Lowe's Home Improvement store they boxes are stacked high of them, but the federal government says these 40 and 60-Watt bulbs are the next to go.

So what we have is what we have, and we can receive no more. And once we sell out we are done,” said George Howl, Lowe's electrical manager.

The compact fluorescent, LED and other bulbs replacing the old ones are part of the legislation requiring light bulbs to use 30% less energy.

The switch will cost you a lot more up front, but Howl says it will save you in the long run.

The LED's are the most efficient but they are also the most expensive, with my stats they say they are 85% more efficient, which is a lot. The next one the CFL and then you go to the halogen. The halogen will also save you energy as well,” he said.

When Ken Bailey came in for a replacement bulb, it wasn't the price or long life he was most concerned with, he opted to buy an incandescent bulb despite the new ban coming into affect, because he says the CFL's are harmful for the environment.

Nobody is considering landfills, mercury, any of that. The LED lights once they come down in price will be a reasonable solution but until then the energy you save on a compact florescent isn't probably worth all that mercury in the landfills,” Bailey said.

It's for this reason the energy legislation has become quite controversial.

The change is a little premature. It's being legislated due to a warm feel good without thinking it through,” he said

But like it or not, it won't be long before 40 and 60 Watt incandescent bulbs, just like the 75s and 100s, become another relic of the dark ages.

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