Injured Wichita Co. Sheriff's Lt. On Long Road to Recovery

- As Air Force officials continue investigating the July 19th crash of a Sheppard Air Force jet a Wichita County Sheriff's lieutenant, injured at the crash site, continues recovering.

Lt. George Robinson is slowly but surely on the mend. He broke his right ankle two months ago trying to get to one of the pilots involved in the T-38 Talon crash.

And after several weeks of pain and surgeries he is slowly recovering, but we warn you, some of the pictures in this story are graphic.

Lt. George Robinson is getting around slowly thanks to the boot on his right leg.

The Wichita County Sheriff's lieutenant fractured his ankle on July 19th off Pecanway trying to get to a Sheppard Air Force Base instructor and student pilot.

Both had to eject from a T-38 Talon after reportedly flying through a flock of birds.

Robinson says no one could get around a 10 foot game fence to get to one of the injured pilots.

So he decided to go over it.

"There was barbed wire on top of it so I pushed the barbed wire down and stood on top of the barbed wire and then I jumped," Lt. Robinson says.

The landing left him in serious pain.

"My foot was on the side of my leg," says Lt. Robinson.

And repairing the damage has taken time.

"I've had three surgeries.  I've got two metal plates going down both sides of my leg and I have 16 screws in my ankle," Lt. Robinson explains.

Robinson says while in the hospital he had dozens of visitors, including Colonel Lance Bunch, commander of Sheppard's 80th Flying Training Wing.

"Said he had a token of his appreciation. And I saw him reach in and grab a challenge coin.  Then he handed it to me in the traditional way, which is the handshake and then when I opened my hand I had his challenge coin," Lt. Robinson says.

Robinson says he's happy for all the support but says he'll be all smiles when he's able to get around without a walker and return to work.

Lt. Robinson says it will be a few months before he returns to work.

But he says since that morning in July, he has met both pilots and they've developed a great friendship since then as well.

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