Insurance Agents Stress Importance of Renter's Insurance

   Renter's insurance may be less expensive than some people realize.
   Insurance agents say renters insurance averages about 20 or 25 dollars a month -- but can be purchased for as little as five to ten dollars a month, especially when it's bundled with auto insurance.
   You see stories about things like Sunday night's fire ... but you never think it'll happen to you.  And of course, even if you buy renter's insurance, you hope you'll never need it.
    Katie Walker
M.S.U. Freshman
"I never really thought about it until those apartments that burned down. But I guess now I'd say it's a pretty important issue."
    Erin Wrinkle
M.S.U. Senior
  "Think about the extra expense it would be if your house got broken into or something happened!"
    George Gesford
M.S.U. Freshman
    "If somebody were to go into the dorms & steal your stuff, it'd still be covered if you got renters insurance."

Insurance agents say a lot of incoming college students don't think of renter's insurance for their dorm rooms.
    Jim Potts
Farmer's Insurance Agent
    "They've lost their laptops or iPads or electronics, & it's easy to do in dorms where people were going back & forth."
    Renter's insurance covers some liability ... plus --
"It provides protection for fire, windstorm, hail, tornado, theft."
    Carol Walker
State Farm Insurance Agent
   "When you live in an apartment or multiple housing facility -- you may be very careful, but you may have a neighbor who has a grease fire or a problem that affects you as well. So we're not always in control of our own destiny."
    Darrel Walker
State Farm Insurance Agent
    "The reason this is so inexpensive -- that means the odds are, this may not happen to you. But there's a second part to that same rule. Once it happens, the odds don't count anymore. So you gotta remember that. If it was going to happen frequently, we would charge you more! So when you bought the peace of mind, you're buying pennies on the dollar. You're protecting 30-, 40-thousand dollars - for what? A few pennies."
    Renter's insurance policies can also cover some living expenses and relocation costs if you become displaced ...

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