Interesting Finds in Salvation Army Red Kettles

Salvation Army bell ringers were out in full force on Christmas Eve collecting donations.

Each holiday season, many Texomans drop dollars and coins in the famous red kettles but some may be surprised at some of the gifts they get.

Salvation Army Captain Greg Shannon says every year, volunteers collect thouands of dollars through the program but some rather interesting items always fall through the kettle cracks.

"We'll get some foreign coins and we'll get buttons and washers and that kind of thing. Batteries, you know, kind of feel like the same size of a coin but we get some other interesting things as well," Shannon says.

Shannon says this year was no different.

"This Christmas season, probably, I have three things come to mind. First thing was a little dollar gold coin that came in. That was a little unusual. The other one I thought was kind of interesting was the scripture reading from the newspaper for the day. I thought that was a kind of interesting thing to get in there. Lotto tickets, we get those every once in a while," Shannon says.

In addition, Shannon says a fake acrylic nail was the most surprising find in the red kettles this year.

He says some of the interesting donations may be by accident but others are sure a welcomed surprise.

It's even surprising to find $100 bills, $50 bills, checks written for $500, $1000. Those are exciting to find was well," Shannon says.

He says those finds added up and Salvation Army bell ringers reached their goal this year.

"As far as our kettle program, Wichita Falls has been amazing," Shannon says. "It adds up and the same thing, even with these little tokens that people give that are worth some money, they can be cashed in. It does make a difference to help out with the program."

If jewelry is found inside the red kettles and no one comes back to claim it, Shannon says it will be exchanged for money.

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