Iowa Park Elevates to Stage 4 Water Restrictions

- Wichita Falls is now under Stage 4 water restrictions that took effect over the weekend.

And now, tougher water restrictions are expected to also take affect in one city that gets its water from Wichita Falls.

Iowa Park gets 100% of its water from the City of Wichita Falls.

So, now that Wichita Falls has elevated to Stage 4 water restrictions, Iowa Park city leaders plan to follow suit.

Once Stage 4 water restrictions take effect in Iowa Park, using a garden hose will be off limits.

"There's going to be no outdoor watering whatsoever.   We're curtailing all agricultural use through meters and going to be restriction who takes water through our bulk station," says Mike Price, city manager for the City Iowa Park.

Since Iowa Park's water purification plant closed in 2006 all water to the city comes from Wichita Falls and public works officials here will be keeping an eye on how much water its wholesale customers use.

"We do want to make sure  that they stay within their winter month.  We don't want them exceeding what they would typically use for December or January. That type thing.  That's kind of how we intend to monitor it," says Russell Schreiber,

But Russell Schreiber does not expect usage to be high since he says water consumption typically drops during the winter. And although Iowa Park has a few wholesale water customers, city officials do not expect a problem either.

"For Electra, Wichita Valley and the Sereno Lago Adventures, we look at those on a monthly basis and when we were under the 35% they had to be under the 35% and all of them have done an excellent job.  And now that we're required to stay within that 5 year average for the low peak months, we're gonna ask our wholesale customers to do the same thing," Price says.

During Monday night's Iowa Park City Council meeting, city leaders voted to move into the next stage of restrictions, effective immediately.

City Manager Mike Price says the new restrictions, now in place, mirror Wichita Falls restrictions.

He did say councilors made one change to the proposed ordinance and voted to not allow residents to use soaker hoses to water the foundations of their homes.

Price says a new surcharge has also been added for folks who use over 8,000 gallons of water, but those additional charges will not be seen until the next billing cycle. He says that will give residents a chance to adjust their water use habits.

Wichita Falls supplies water to 15 cities.

Public works officials say Wichita Falls cannot cut water to any of those cities who use an outrageous amount of water, but he says it can reduce the amount of water a city receives.

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