Iowa Park Makes Changes to Try and Meet Water Conservation Goal

Iowa Park, TX. - The latest water conservation numbers are in, and not every town that relies on water from Lakes Kickapoo and Arrowhead was able to meet it's mark.

Iowa Park has been meeting the 35 percent cut back mandate most months, but fell short during the last report.

Iowa Park City Manager Mike Price said the problem with water conservation in Iowa Park is a combination of things but he hopes a new ordinance will fix the problem.

Price says they normally hit their water conservation mark but as temperatures rise.. water conservation becomes more difficult.

"This time of year we're more susceptible to water leaks and breaks that are beyond our control," says Price.

Price says leaks and problems with older steel pipes causes the city to use more water.

"A new type of treatment process that Wichita Falls, Burkburnett and Iowa Park uses called chloramines it tends to cause those steel lines to rust. So you get into problems of people having rusty water and having to flush it more so right now we've replaced to major steel lines," says Price.

But water conservation goes deeper than the pipes, Price says everyone needs to make a better effort to conserve, because the drought is a continuing problem.

"You know I think we have just gotten lax we met the 35 or very close to it the previous month but it's something you've got to continue on," says Price.

He hopes a new watering ordinance will help people keep conservation in mind.

"The ordinance that we've adopted is going too reiterate to the citizens how severe this situation is and it's going to take everybody's part," says Price.

Under the new restrictions Iowa Park residents can only water twice a month, and if you still aren't cutting back, it will cost you.

"We've added some surcharge fees to try to stimulate the citizens to do more in the conservation measure. If they break the 10 thousand dollar plateau it cost them 75 bucks, "says Price.

Now Iowa Park just has to wait and see if the changes will make a difference.

Price says they are also making plans for the future, they are looking into a reverse osmosis treatment system that could help them use the water they have in Lake Buffalo and Lake Gordon.

For a list of all the new restrictions visit Iowa Park's website.

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