Jeff Watts Wins Wichita County Precinct 4 Commissioner Race


All three candidates, Michael Hagy, Jeff Watts, and Steve Scott, agree the ongoing drought is their precinct's most pressing problem and are hoping voters will help them get elected to help work on a solution for that issue and many others.

(Questions from Voters Guide for Wichita County by League of Women Voters of Wichita Falls)

Question 1: What are your qualifications for this office (including, your occupation, education, training & experience)? 100 word limit

Question 2: What are the most pressing problems you will face in this office, and how do you feel each one should be handled? 150 word limit

Michael Hagy - Republican - Wichita Falls
Question 1: I have 30 plus years in public service as a police officer. 10 ½ years as a Chief of Police at Midwestern State University, and one year managing a local restaurant. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from UT San Antonio. I have extensive Law Enforcement training, with certifications as a Master Peace Officer, Police Instructor, Crime Prevention Inspector, and Telecommunications operator, and training in Emergency Management. I serve as deacon at Colonial Church (deacon means servant). I would like to continue serving the public as County Commissioner precinct 4.

Question 2: One challenge I will have to overcome is being new to the local political scene. As an outsider, I would handle this by keeping issues on point, staying focused. However, I believe the bigger issue is citizens have distrust for politics. I would try to instill trust and respect back into politics, through transparency. I would hold regular meetings with citizens of the precinct to address issues of their concern. I would hold steady to my values and cast my votes consistent with the citizens that I would be serving. I believe it is County Commissioner’s duty to protect their citizens with regards to taxation, and serve to improve the county with safer roads and improved services.

Steve Scott - Republican - Wichita Falls
Question 1: A Five Generation person in this community. Working with the public in solving problems, with 60 years in the community. Knowing he needs of the community to meet their needs. Am fully familiar with the needs of the people. Having 40 years of experience with heavy machinery. Being a business man with years of successful business, a graduate of Iowa Park High School. Able to work with people on their level no matter what. I can solve most all problems, and can work for you. Thank you for considering me as your candidate and I appreciate your vote.

Question 2: We now have a BIG water problem with the city and the county which affects the people and animals of our county. This problem needs to be directed to people in the community. This is also directed to business in the community, which we do not need. Also dealing with budget situations in our community. Including equipment, road repair, an bridge repair. Knowing how to repair or contact jobs for the precinct. The importance of the courthouse supply and needs. Working with hourly
employees and giving raises for the people that work so hard for us. All my thoughts and cares for you in Precinct 4.

Jeff Watts - Republican - Iowa Park
Question 1: A lifelong resident of Wichita County (except leaving for a short time to attend college), I feel that I possess the qualifications needed to serve the citizens of Wichita County. As a small business owner with conservative Christian principles, I share the same values as the people I hope to serve. I know the importance of balancing a budget and making a payroll. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to serve on various governmental boards and commissions over the past 25 years. My business experience, coupled with my governmental experience, make me an ideal candidate for County Commissioner.

Question 2: I believe the most pressing problem in this job is to ensure adequate funding for County departments while simultaneously holding the line on taxes.  Certain departments are vital to public safety and the welfare of the citizens, but cutting any fat out of the County budget in all areas is absolutely vital. While not typically within the purview of a County Commissioner, I believe that every elected official must do all that they can to help solve our current water crisis. Without water, industries leave, citizens relocate, and our County literally dries up. By helping to facilitate cooperation among all water users and governmental entities, I plan to help meet these challenges and implement sustainable water conservation efforts to preserve the livelihood of our community.

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