Jiu Jitsu Police Training

A man who trains police officers the Japanese martial art of Jiu Jitsu in the Canary Islands is in Texoma to further his training.

He's here, working hard both physically and mentally with his long- time teacher, a former military hand- to- hand combat instructor and 8th degree black belt who calls Lake Arrowhead home.

Sergio Perez Barreto has taught Jiu Jitsu to police officers on the island of Lanzarote for four years now, where officers sometimes have to deal differently with criminals than those in America.

Ray Silverstrand/Barreto's Martial Arts Instructor: "If an officer is attacked there with a knife, they can not pull their weapon. They can not pull their weapon because they are expected to be able to handle it with just their hands."

While in Texoma, Barreto's riding along with the Clay County Sheriff's Department to get another perspective on law enforcement, and he's training with his long- time martial arts instructor.

It's all in hopes of taking as much knowledge and training as possible back home with him where it's needed.

"They're a 6- hour boat ride from Africa. So, a lot of times they get crazy things."

Silverstrand knows well five different martial arts.

"Karate, Goju-Ryu Karate, Judo, Aichido, Jiu Jitsu and Kick Boxing."

And, Silverstrand says character development is one of the most important parts of training.

"Someone who will do the right thing no matter what the cost. We just can't stress the character development. Number two is having the ability to do your best and keep going even when you think you're going to lose. Just keep going."

"This is more physical. Next door, everything is precise. There will never be any bad emotions. It's a place where you're totally safe because everyone who comes in there is supposed to have good character and we highly enforce that."

"This will help him continue working and be in an area that will make the art proud of him, and him proud of the art."

And, all of that training will also help Barreto continue to prepare Canary Island police officers for whatever comes their way.

"It's a gift from God. It's a wonderful, wonderful place. But, the short time I was there, the 7- years I was there, I saw terrorists come in and try to do kidnappings, and I've seen the local police take down a cell of the Taliban."

Barreto's far from all of that for the time being, though, working hard while very much enjoying the Lone Star State.

"He loves Texas! He wants to know Texas!"

Barreto plans to train here until the 31st before taking what he's learned back home to Lanzarote.

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