JROTC Cadets Fly in C-17 at Altus AFB

ALTUS - For a local group of JROTC cadets, a field trip to Altus Air Force Base turned out to be a trip of a lifetime!

JROTC students from Burkburnett joined fellow cadets from Amarillo on a flight on one of the Air Forces largest planes.

We came along for the nearly 4-hour mission which for many of these students confirmed what they want to do in the military.

For Burkburnett High School JROTC cadet Breece Schefer, getting to ride in a C-17 Globe Master III Cargo Aircraft was a life changing event.

"I was kind of nervous, because I really don't like planes, but it was really fun," Schefer said. "And it was a really good opportunity to get to meet other units and hang out with them."

For her, this was her first time to fly and what a flight! As we took off on our refueling mission.

An experience that helps these kids determine their path after high school.
"It's very important because the kids can come out to a base, they see what it's like," said Sgt. Bill Fox, JROTC instructor at Burkburnett High School. "They get to go around airplanes. There's quite a few of my students that haven't been around an air base or airplanes like this. So, for them to actually see it, they get kind of in awe. Because of the fact that they're like this is a whole entire city. And this is a real job that I can actually get when I get out of high school."

That and leadership is the reason Schefer said she joined the JROTC program.

"I originally joined because my brother was in the program. And I liked how it taught him leadership, so I joined to learn the same leadership he had."

"Our big goal in JROTC is to teach these students what it really means to be a good citizen for the United States," said Fox. That's our number 1 goal. And if we can do that, we try to teach them about integrity and putting others before yourself. And that's what really we're all about."

And making a difference in the lives of cadets, fueling not only planes in flight, but also these kids dreams of serving their country for years to come.

Fox said Burk High school has been coming to Altus Air Force Base since he began instructing their JROTC program and hopes to see the relationship continue. 

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