July '14 Results in 348% of Normal Rainfall in Wichita Falls

The month of July 2014 saw more rain than any other July since the beginning of the decade, resulting in 348% of normal rainfall for the average month.

July is most often one of the driest months of rainfall for Texoma; and in some years, such as 2011 our rainfall take ended up being zero.  But this year was different.

This year the city of Wichita Falls recording station (officially the Wichita Falls Regional Airport and Sheppard Air Force Base) recorded 5.53" of rain.  This is 3.94" more than normal.  Normal rainfall in July for Wichita Falls is 1.59".  So when you take the normal amount and compare that to the amount recorded you find out that we have received 348% of normal. 

But this rain was a double edged sword bringing good news and bad news.

Here are the good points of the rain:
  • Just getting the rain
  • The rain fell over 11 different days which prevent widespread flooding
  • The 17th saw the largest amount of rainfall on one calendar day at 2.13"
  • The 16-17th saw the largest amount of rainfall during a 24 hour period at 2.28"
  • Many folks received enough rain to save their lawns and trees for another month.
  • A few counties across Texoma have dropped out of the Stage 5 "Exceptional" category according to the Drought Monitor.

Here are the bad points of the rainfall:

  • A large majority of the rain did not fall in the water shed.

  • The rain that did fall in the water shed did not help the combined lake total to reach 25%.

  • The ground is so baked that it isn't allowing the rain to soak in, it's running off into area not effecting the water shed.

  • Many counties including Wichita, Wilbarger, Foard, Baylor and Knox remain in the Stage 5 "Exceptional" category according to the Drought Monitor.

Here is a list of days that rain fell at the recording site in Wichita Falls during July 2014:

  • 1st  1.94"
  • 2nd  0.06"
  • 3rd  0.13"
  • 14th  T"
  • 16th  0.15"
  • 17th  2.13"
  • 23rd  0.09"
  • 28th  0.59"
  • 29th  0.02"
  • 30th  0.42"
  • 31st  T"

KFDX Meteorologist Bryan Rupp

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