Kansas Group Travels to Fort Sill To Pray for Immigrant Children Temporarily Housed on Post

Undocumented immigrant children have been housed at U.S. military installations for weeks now and one of those is Fort Sill.
The number housed on post has dropped to about 700 after more than a thousand were discharged and placed with a sponsor in the U.S.
And, the Unaccompanied Alien Children's program has drawn protesters as well as supporters.
In fact, as Mechell Dixon shows us, this afternoon, immigrant children at Fort Sill had dozens of supporters come from out-of-state to pray for them.

It took more than three hours for members of Sunflower Community Action group to travel from Wichita, Kansas to Fort Sill's Key Gate.
And once they arrived they sprung into action.
More than 30 members sang all while holding signs in support of the hundreds of undocumented children housed on post.

"We care for children that have been sent here and being detained and we wanted to come down and let the children know that we care for them but also let our country know that this is an important issue for all of us," says Rev. Ruben Eckels, deputy director of Sunflower Community Action.

This gathering brought back the past for the group's executive director, Sulma Arias.
She says at the age of 12, the civil was was raging in El Salvador and she escaped to this country illegally for a better and safer life.

"I would be sitting down for lunch and bombs would be going off and we would have to get under the table.  I would be driving and I would see bodies decapitate," Arias says.

Arias believes undocumented children at Fort Sill are also in this country for a better life.
And she and members say that's why they made the 247 mile drive to the post to and show their support for the children.
Mechell Dixon... KFDX 3 News.

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