Krokodil Drug On The Minds Of Law Enforcement

- A disturbing new drug is starting to get the attention of law enforcement across the United States and in our area. It's called Krokodil and it eats away the flesh of those who take it.

The drug originated in Russia. But now there are now reports it's been used in five states. When you mix gasoline and codeine together you get Krokodil.

When you inject the combination into your system, the drug eats away at the skin from the inside out. It also leaves scaly green scaring near where the drug is injected.

"It is just concerning because even though it might not be happening, people will hear about it and the concern is a desperate drug user will attempt to do it. So there is some variation of this process taking place in the United States, even if this is not the true Krokodil through the internet reports," said Oklahoma Bureau Of Narcotics Public Information Officer Mark Woodward.

Krokodil is injected into the skin, similar to meth and heroine. Woodward said besides the damage the drug can do to the body there are some other signs someone is using it.

"They neglect their health physically, so even a small infection in the arm and the leg or foot where they are injecting or using drugs they don't take car of it until a small infection occurs whether it is Krokodil or meth or any IV Drug use," said Woodward. Woodward has some important advice to help people prevent themselves from losing their lives to this drug.

"I just cant stress it enough to safe guard the medicine cabinets. Whether it is Krokodil or your own teenagers, just make sure your medicine cabinets are locked up and out of the reach of someone who could get them and possibly end up overdosing," said Woodward.

In Russia, there are reports of thousands of people dying from the use of the drug. So far here in our area and the United States there are not any confirmed deaths from the use of Krokodil.

A Duncan man named Justin McGee, died last November. And, several different media outlets in the Oklahoma City area report it happened after McGee used Krokodil.

At this point, Duncan Police are only confirming methamphetamine was found in McGee's system, and the case remains under investigation.

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