Lake Arrowhead Residents Continue to Pray for Rain

- While we got a little rain last weekend, it wasn't nearly as much as we were hoping for, and Lake Arrowhead is in need of much more rain.

State park officials say Lake Arrowhead was virtually full back in 2010.

And just last year the state park saw about 100,000 visitors. So far this year they've only seen about 30,000.

Joe Sedler has lived on Lake Arrowhead for 30 years. He says his son would spend lazy summer days jumping off the docks in his backyard and swimming in the cool water.

"It ain't very good. That ramp over there, and that trailer sitting up there that I used to put my boat on, don't get to use that no more. That's the end of it right there," Sedler says.

And it's the end of the days when he could fish right from his backyard.

"Oh I fished for 30 years, hasn't been in the last few years," Sedler says.

Arrowhead has fallen more than 18 feet at the dam in the past four years, and park officials were hoping that fall could be reversed a little with last weekend's rain forecast.

"I saw at one point in time that there were three to six inches of rain in the forecast and from the information I saw online it looked like we had point seven of an inch," state park official, Keith Gauthier, says.

While prayers for rain continue, Gauthier says the memories of Arrowhead when it was full keep him hoping the good old days can return.

"You know I've seen this lake full and I know how wonderful this place is when it is full and the park is just covered up with people left and right."

Gauthier told us about several ways you can donate to the park to help keep it open. You can donate when you register a vehicle and also by purchasing a state park pass to the park.

The park also has been holding *drought days* for the past three months to help keep people learning about the drought and climate, and these take place the last Sunday of every month out at the docks at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

For more information on how to donate Click Here.

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