Lake Residents Worry They Won't Be Able to Use Water

    For years Lake Arrowhead residents have used and depended on the water right in their backyards.
    Mike Hall, chief of the Lake Arrowhead VFD, says, "I water my lawn, my plants, my trees, things like that."
    Hall estimates about half the Lake Arrowhead residents use lake water to water their yards, trees and plants.
    Those residents have pumps off the shore to water to their property.
    But now under the new rules, they won't be able to do that.
    They're basing that on information in a letter they received from the city of Wichita Calls.
    "Yes, it is in our leases that we cannot run it in our houses, but there's nothing on the lease as far as saying we can't water our plants and all that stuff with it," Hall says.
    On the back of the letter is a list of changes to rules and regulations to the leases Lake Arrowhead residents signed.
    One of the points says residents cannot draw water from the lake for any purpose.
    "The spot water out here is so expensive. It's hard to keep up with when $78 a month is just our base price for 2000 gallons. When you figure that up, that's really not a lot of water," Hall says.
    Hall says he thinks many people have misinterpreted the letter.
    He says he and other Lake Arrowhead residents plan to go to the Wichita Falls City Council meeting Tuesday, where this and six other new rules and regulations will be discussed.
    We called Asst. City Manager Kevin Hugman and City Property Administrator Pat Hoffman.
    Both declined to comment today.
    Hugman says this item is only up for discussion at the meeting.

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