Last Blast Of Cold Weather Could Affect Fruits And Veggies

The ongoing devastating drought and the bitter winter we are finally coming out of continues to leave its mark on those who live in the region.

However, as the seasons change, local farmers are hoping their crops will be able to survive another year of harsh weather.

Jimmy Morath, owner of Morath Orchards, says the small amount of rain we've had this year has played a huge role in keeping his crops alive but they say with a possible freeze expected next week and the farms well water levels dropping, he's working extra hard to make sure there are plentiful amounts of fruits and veggies. 

Morath says as warmer temperatures settle in Texoma, his crops are starting to bloom.

"I think they're going to be pretty good. It looks good right now. It looks really good," Morath says. "Compared to last year, last year it continually froze. Actually we froze here right in the first week of may so we lost a lot of early stuff that we planted."

Morath says he is keeping a close eye on the weather as forecasters are predicting colder weather next week.

"The freezes early in the wintertime don't help. I mean, they don't hurt anything. It's just the freeze once they start budding. When they're blooming when there's peaches on there, they're really sensitive," Morath says.

He says he's optimistic most, if not all, of his crops will make it through harvesting.

Also, Morath says his farm uses well water to water the crops and is making changes to make sure that water doesn't run out. 

"The levels are dropping," Morath says. "I don't know, I've changed out, put in smaller pumps in some of the wells but I think we're still holding pretty good right now."

Morath says if all goes well, people will be able to buy some of his fruits and veggies at the local farmers market as early as May 12. 

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