Lawton to Ban Smoking on City Property

The city of Lawton wants to put an emphasis on health, after the CDC rated Oklahoma one of the most unhealthy states in the country.

Now, they are working to obtain a grant that would help pay for more health initiatives.

But, in order to receive the $60,000 grant, smoking must be banned from all city owned property.

Lawton applied for the grant about two years ago and received $15,000.

Now, city officials hope to make the changes necessary to apply for the grant again.

Monte Hale, 20, says smoking is not all bad, he says it relieves stress and relaxes him and a proposed measure by the city won't cause him to stop puffing, but he will have to be more careful where he does it.

If they ban smoking you will have A) lot of people who will be a really angry and B) really saddened by it as well,” he said.

The ban would prevent smoking on all city owned-public property.

A big change, city officials say, to make a healthier community.

If we are going to change the health of our community we can't do it in tiny increments,” said Richard Rogalski, Lawton's Director of Community Services.

Krystal Davis, a mother and smoker for 15 years agrees.

People need to be consider other people. not everyone is a smoker anymore especially now days, everyone is so health conscience,” she said.

If someone is standing next to me and they don't like me smoking. Well, we can either say that you could move somewhere else or I can move somewhere else, just move far enough apart that the smoke does not cause any damage to their health,” said Monte.

The city isn't just concerned about second-hand smoke, but also the message it sends to future generations.

I want her to grow up and think that cigarette smoking is gross, and I don't want her smoking cigarettes I don't want her thinking it's great,” said Davis.

Which is why the city wants to put out cigarettes around its property for good.

City officials say it will be at least 90 days before the council votes on the proposed ban.

They say if they get the grant money they would use it to light walkways in their parks to promote the use of their trails.

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