Lewis Gets Two Life Terms Plus 20 Years for Convictions

    Two life sentences plus another 20 years behind bars: that's the sentence 30th District Judge Bob Brotherton gave 41-year-old Bobby Fitzgerald Lewis after the jury Tuesday found him guilty on two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child, and one count of indecency with a child.
    John Gillespie, first assistant district attorney for Wichita County, says, "The families are thrilled with the sentence, they're very appreciative of the jury, and they're just thrilled to put this behind them.  Both of the victims in this case, I think it helped them to face him down in court and say, 'You did this to me, but I'm tougher than you are.'  I think they can move on now."
    When asked his reaction to his punishment, Lewis replied, "No comment."
    Lewis waived his right to an attorney, and instead decided to represent himself throughout the trial.
    When asked if he felt he represented himself well during this trial, he said, "Yes."
    Lewis was convicted last year of the sexual assault of two girls in Clay County.
    Transcripts of that trial were key in the Wichita County case.
    "In that testimony he admitted he was a sexual predator he said he was basically going to be your next door neighbor and you'd never suspect him.  He also called himself a monster.  I agree with all of that, and I think the jury did, too.  They got to see him for what he was and that was very crucial to our case," Gillespie says.
    Lewis was sentenced to 80 years in prison for that conviction.
    The life sentences will be run consecutively, and sentence for indecency with a child will run concurrently.
    He will serve his Wichita County sentence at the same time.
    Both victims testified in this case.
    Gillespie says their bravery and determination in telling their stories to the jury was crucial in making sure Lewis will never harm another child.

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