Liquor Sales to Be Seen in Iowa Park

Another beverage option is soon to be in stores in
Iowa Park after Saturday's election.

It was a decision that made for a tight race on election day passing with 53 percent in favor of both off premise consumption and mixed drink sales.

Business owners are hoping to see more of those dollars after residents of Iowa Park voted in favor of liquor sales, during Saturday's election.

And Scobee's Mini Mart isn't wasting any time getting ready for sales of alcohol as the owner spent all morning getting the paper work necessary to obtain a permit.

"I have three different packs of papers to be filled out. You have to notarize paper, city people sign it, county people sign it go to the court house back to theTABC," said Randy Scobee, the owner.

"Although alcoholic beverages are legal they are potentially dangerous substance and it's important to make sure that the people that are selling it are the kind of people that will comply with the law," said Carolyn Beck, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

But Scobee says it's worth it, if they see growth in their community.

"The last few years have been tough i don't mind saying it but anything we can do to bring in some income and I may have to hire some more people and that's more jobs and more money for the city in town," he said.

And perhaps, even more businesses, as one couple says they are scouting out locations for a new one.

"Like a small bar where you can buy burgers and you can have a beer and can stop on your motorcycle," said Silke Hendrickson, who wants to open a restaurant.

As residents raise their glass in a toast to build economic growth in their community.

With the Iowa Park election, every city in the county is now wet.

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