Local costume and Halloween shops thriving with days to go before Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching on Wednesday but there are plenty of spook-tacular events and parties taking place this weekend across Texoma.

Many will be in search of that perfect costume or frightening decorations for an evening with friends and family.

Businesses that cater to the chilling and spine-tingling are benefitting from ghoulish tradition.

As soon as you walk into Wicked Andy's Scare Shop, you'll find anything you need to get into the Halloween spirit.

For melissa Duncan, co-owner of Wicked Andy's, it is her first business venture into the costumes and all things Halloween but she says her business is thriving.

"Its been pretty good. The last two, three days; its tripled in sales," Duncan says. "People are out getting their last minute stuff."

Duncan says she was a little hesitant to get into such a seasonal business but she is already planning bigger and better things for next year.

"I was surprised that the number of people that are really into Halloween this big."

While costume shops like Wicked Andy's are only open for the Halloween season, there are costume shops like Pansy's Costumes and Dancewear that are open year round.

Pansy Brown, Pansy's store owner, says October, especially the weekend of or before Halloween, is their busiest time of year.

Brown says her shop has been open for 30 years and lots of people prefer renting elaborate costumes than buying new ones every year.

"I think costumes are like a prom dress," Brown says. "Everybody just wants to wear them one time. They want something different the next year."

However, Brown understands why pop up Halloween stores move in every year.

"I think there's more adults of course that rent costumes because children want to play in theirs and keep wearing them."

Both store owners say the community's support is what has helped keep them in the black.

Brown says, "I think it is real important to support your local businesses. Whether it is me or someone else."

Duncan agrees.

"We really appreciate everyone's business and support," Duncan says. "We will be here again next year. We spend our money here also too."

Wicked Andy's and Pansy's both say community events like the Zombie Crawl on Saturday night also helps bring in lots of new people through its doors.

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