Local judge candidates respond to social media post

Following a battle in the courtroom two political opponents are responding to a social media post that was put on facebook by one of the candidates the post has since been deleted.

Dobie Kosub and Jeff McKnight are running to become the next 30th District Judge.

The two faced off in the courtroom Thursday, in a case that Kosub prosecuted and McKnight served as the defense attorney.

Kosub posted a status on social media, that stated one candidate has made a career out of making excuses for criminals, and it also mentioned that McKnight tried to argue for a deferred sentence because the defendant was a former marine and had a mental condition.

After a firestorm on social media, Kosub responded to the post today to say the defendant never mentioned PTSD, and that he, himself has a ton of respect for veterans.

He also responded to those who commented on the post, saying Kosub did not think all should have the right to a defense attorney.

"Never ever my intention to suggest in any way, shape or form that people aren't entitled to a defense. They are absolutely entitled to a defense. That is our system, that is fairness. We cannot have the government running rough shot over people's lives, that's the purpose of defense attorneys." Dobie Kosub, 30th District Judge Candidate 

"I'm not ashamed of the job I do, I represent my clients to the fullest extent possible, family law cases, civil law cases, criminal cases, when I was a prosecutor I did the same thing. I am comfortable with the job that I do for my clients." Jeff McKnight- 30th District Judge Candidate

Mcknight went on to say he believes he's the most qualified to be 30th District Judge, because he's been on both the prosecution and defense side of kinds of cases.

He also says he feels this is an unfortunate distraction to the actual political race.

Tonight Kosub deleted the post and posted another status saying he too would like folks to once again focus on the election ahead.

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