Local Lawmakers React to National Guard Heading to Border

With Governor Perry's announcement, one thousand National Guardsman are headed to the border.

It's an issue that has many other states watching to see how Texas will try to deal with the immigration crisis, and it also is a priority for our local politicians.

Senator Craig Estes, chairman of the senate homeland security committee and 69th State District Representative James Frank spoke about the issue at a republican women's meeting Monday.

Both Representative Frank and Senator Estes say they support Governor Perry's call up of the guard, but they also feel like Texas should not be the only one trying to deal with the issue.

"Our federal government isn't even trying to help us here in Texas," Senator Estes said.

Local politicians are calling for the Obama Administration to step in and help protect the border.

"It's a shame when the state has to step in to do what the federal government should be doing and then the federal government continues to step into things that they have no business doing," said Representative Frank.

"If you don't have a secure border you really don't have a nation," Senator Estes explained.

Senator Estes says he knows there is no way to completely seal the border, but he thinks more needs to be done.

"You can get it 90 percent sealed, 95 percent whatever the number is where the people who are actually getting through are manageable," said Senator Estes.

And he says making the issue more manageable will help keep citizens safe.

He continued, "It's not just the children coming over but it's the violent drug cartel that have taken over a lot of the part of northern Mexico, they're murderers and thugs and they're just despicable people."

And Representative Frank says it's an issue that should not come as a surprise because the federal government is sending mixed messages.

"This is a problem largely created by the federal government, when they haven't been taking care of the border and not only that it became very apparent that if you got your child to this country we would complete the illegal actively by delivering them wherever you want them in the country," Representative Frank explained.

Both politicians agree it's best for the immigrant children here now to be sent back to their homelands so the government can start to fix the issues and keep everyone involved as safe as possible.

Now one state representative is speaking out against Governor Perry's decision.

Ana Hernandez in Houston says "our state leadership should not be using the humanitarian crisis along the border for their own political gamesmanship."

To see her full statement, click here.

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