Local Rescue Groups See Spike in Baby Animals

WICHITA FALLS, TX - It is spring, so of course, animals are out enjoying the warm weather, but this time of year also means a large spike in baby animals.

"From early spring until late fall -- it's usually prime season for kittens, kittens, kittens," Katrena Mitchell with Wichita Falls Animal Services Center said.

When it is the height of the season, the center said they can take in about 25 kittens a day -- and a few were even brought in while our camera crew was there.

Some rescue groups are still trying to find homes for the cats that were brought in as kittens last year, which is why they continue to encourage spaying and neutering.

"So, we only have limited space. There's so many homes out there available to take in kittens and puppies and adult cats and adult dogs so unfortunately, we do have to euthanize," Mitchell said.

There is also a lot of puppies -- and the center's new dog adoption wing is already full.

"It's been working out really well, unfortunately, we still have to euthanize.... we're still getting in a lot of animals," Mitchell said.

And kittens and puppies are not the only ones being rescued....

"We've seen a lot more possums this year than we have had before. Squirrel ratio is about the same. Possum is more increased," Mary Kemp with Kemp Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release said.

The Animal Services Center often brings those critters to the Kemp Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release organization, which has seen large numbers of baby possums, squirrels and raccoons already this year.

That is why the center is always in need of donations -- to ensure they can continue to care for Texoma's newest furry residents.

The Animal Services Center needs blankets, toys and treats.

To donate to Kemp Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release, click HERE.

Tips on what to do if you find wild animal babies:

If you see a group of bunnies without a mother, then do not attempt to rescue them because the mother only returns to them at dusk and dawn.

However, if you know babies were abandoned or if the mother died, then call the Animal Services Center, who will come pick them up.


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