Look Back at Wichita Falls 2013 Water Saving Progress

- We are now counting down the last few hours of 2013 and looking ahead to the new year, a year city officials and residents alike hope will bring more rainfall.

Earlier this year Wichita Falls enacted the toughest water use rules we have ever seen.

The emergency water reuse project that will recycle our waste water went from plans, to ordering the pipe..to connecting and laying it across the city in 2013.

And the project has been going better than expected.

“With the pipeline project it has been going very well, the contractor has done a fabulous job, he was ahead of schedule, still is ahead of schedule, we will be starting our testing about a month ahead of schedule,” says Wichita Falls Operations Manager Daniel Nix.

“We have some internal work, some lines that have to be cut and rerouted inside the water treatment plant, that work has been going on for the last week, it's going on this week, should be completed by the end of this week,” says Nix.

Then they will check the all parts of the project to make sure they are ready for the tests

“To get the green light to start the verification, the 45 day verification, they have to complete the review of our preliminary engineering review,” says Nix.

Once they get the go ahead the recycled and treated waste water will be run through the system for 45 days so the state can verify it is safe for drinking.

During that period the water will not be going through the pipelines to homes and businesses.

“We have a temporary discharge permit to discharge that water to the Big Wichita River at the same location we discharge our reverse osmosis waste material,” says Nix.

To get there it will head down Barnett from the Cypress Treatment Plant in an underground pipe system already in place and back down the river.

Nix says while he is confident the project will be successful in the new year, he still has hopes we won't have to use it for long.

“We're hoping we get a little more rain this year with things changing in the south pacific hopefully that will change the way the weather is going to act later on in 2014,” says Nix.

Nix says they hope the state will allow testing to start in early February, if everything goes well the system could be sending water to our homes and businesses by April.

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