Lori Bohannon Wins Wichita County Clerk Race


All three candidates, Lori Bohannon, Lisa Talley, and Caroline Nicholas, believe their experience is the reason they deserve the county clerk seat. Each of them have at least 20 years working around elections, just in different capacities.

(Questions from Voters Guide for Wichita County by League of Women Voters of Wichita Falls)

Question 1: What are your qualifications for this office (including, your occupation, education, training & experience)? 100 word limit

Question 2: What are the most pressing problems you will face in this office, and how do you feel each one should be handled? 150 word limit

Lori Bohannon - Republican - Wichita Falls
Question 1: I began working in the County Clerk’s office in January of 1989 under Vernon Cannon as a deputy County Clerk, realty section; in 1993 I was transferred to the Criminal/Probate section where I stayed until 1999. In 1999 Lloyd Lueck was elected County Clerk and transferred me to Voter Registration/Elections as supervisor. I remained there until 2003 when I was asked to go back to Probate and supervise that, but to remain the supervisor of voters registration/elections. At Lloyd’s retirement in July of 2004, interim Clerk J.W. Martin made me Chief Deputy. I was then elected County Clerk in November 2004.

Question 2: The most pressing problem in the County Clerk’s office will be the state mandate of electronic filing in all civil matters. We have to begin this in 2015. We are currently working with the vendor that handles our system and also with the IT department to make sure we will be ready for this new filing system. As a whole I feel the entire office is running well. I do have plans to upgrade the realty section to make the system more user friendly with: land records searches, filing of documents and
applying for marriage license, birth and death records.

Caroline Nicholas - Republican - Wichita Falls
Question 1: With a Master’s degree with major course work in Public Management, and as a former UNT Teaching Fellow in Political Science, I have a strong understanding of government. I have 20 years experience in research management and as an independent business woman. As former Wichita County Republican Chairman, I administered Wichita County’s Republican primary elections. My decisive leadership changed the outcome of the election for 89 District Judge in 2004, resulting in the election of Judge Mark Price. I suggested amendments to the Texas Election Code and legislation which changed how early voting officials are selected.

Question 2: One of the responsibilities of the County Clerk includes administration of general elections. Time and again, I have demonstrated decisive leadership and innovative solutions in resolving ongoing election issues in Wichita County. The citizens of Wichita County deserve a County Clerk committed to election integrity and the proper conduct of elections, including keeping current with changing voter technology and adequate staffing of elections. The addition to the county’s web site of an on line application to work as an election clerk or judge makes better use of current resources. I’ll pursue the formation of a bipartisan Elections Committee to review current practices and asset needs. Improvement in communication with the commissioner’s court and other county offices is needed, as well as public outreach through media and education initiatives. Improved oversight and sound management practices will bring greater efficiency and improved morale in the operation of the office.

Lisa Talley - Republican - Wichita Falls
Question 1: Maintaining all records regarding my own business, as well as my family’s business I am experienced in filing, maintaining and retrieving records. I have worked for over 15 years administering elections, and also have verified and counted mail-in ballots. As a presenter at election workers’ training, I have worked to educate new election workers as well as update those who had previous election work experience. I worked for Wichita County to take the machines to various locations to provide voters a hands-on experience before the machines would actually be used in an election.

Question 2: There have been numerous issues in several of the past elections that had the potential to produce erroneous elections results. These problems should and could have been avoided with prompt and decisive attention on the part of the County Clerk. I will be quick to seek solutions to these issues in order to protect the integrity of our elections. With the much expanded use of the internet, the County Clerk’s website is being severely under utilized. Informing the public regarding upcoming elections, as well as changes in voting sites should be a service provided to the voters. I will provide voters with pertinent election information via the website. I will also study possible additional uses of the website, such as the availability to download and file records electronically. The use of electronic filing is becoming the accepted and/or preferred process with the majority of entities.

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