Lou Melvin Wins the Spirit of Texoma Award

There are few people these days who haven't been impacted either personally or through someone they know by cancer.

Along with physical assault cancer puts on the body, through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation it can also deal a tough blow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

There is a program in Wichita Falls that aims to connect these patients and for her dedication in helping Cancer Connections survive we honor Lou Melvin as our Spirit of Texoma Award winner.

It was 15 years ago Lou Melvin heard those three dreaded words "you have cancer" and an all out war began.

Lou Melvin says, "I just wanted to get with someone who had gone through it before me or was going through it at the current time.  It seemed like you didn't get quite the right answers from the doctors and I just wanted to talk with someone who was going through the same thing."

Lou has been dedicated to making that happen for so many folks since her diagnosis.

She says no one should take on the battle alone.

Melvin: "They gain the knowledge about what is going to happen to them down the road and it is real scary not knowing what is down the road."

A time for good food and fellowship allows patients to cope with the feeling and fears they may experience along the way.

Eunice Well says, "I lost all of my hair.  I was bald for a while, so I just bought me three wigs, one was for the working in the yard, one was for just everyday things and then my husband wanted one with long hair, so I got one with long hair, but that didn't go over very good."

35-year breast cancer survivor Eunice Webb knows laughter is the best medicine.  She gets her fair share of that at the Cancer Connections luncheons and has for many years.

Webb: "To be with this cancer connection means the World to me.  They are the best support group that I have ever been a member of.  I highly recommend anybody who has ever had cancer to come and be here."

Lou seconds that and says there is always room at the table.

Melvin: "Come join us and have a meal and fellowship with us and I think you will feel alot better just being with other cancer patients who have been down that journey before you."

The survivors say sometimes it is even nice to be able to get away from talking about the fight for their lives and instead cherish what has happened during the journey, connect and celebrate one another.

Webb: "My granddaughter graduates this Saturday Summa Cum Laude from Midwestern.  Isn't that great?"

Melvin: "I have been a cancer survivor for about fifteen years."

If you would like to attend a Cancer Connections Lunch they would love to have you!

They meet the first three Tuesdays of each month from 11:30-1pm at University United Methodist Church at the corner of Taft and Hamstead in Wichtia Falls.

If you have questions you can call Lou at 940-631-9674.

You can contact the local office of the American Cancer Society for resources at 940-264-6176

Owens and Brumley Funeral Homes congratulate Lou on her award. 

If you know someone who deserves this award nominate them now by emailing gwyn@kfdx.com or by using this link----> http://www.texomashomepage.com/spirit-of-texoma

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