Mac Thornberry Wins U. S. Congress, District 13 Race


Three candidates want the Republican spot on the ballot for the 13th District Congressional seat. Mac Thornberry is the incumbent. He is being challenged by Dr. Pam Barlow and Elaine Hays.

(Questions from Voters Guide for Wichita County by League of Women Voters of Wichita Falls)

Question 1: What are your qualifications for this office (including, your occupation, education, training & experience)? 100 word limit

Question 2: What are the most pressing problems you will face in this office, and how do you feel each one should be handled? 150 word limit

Pam Barlow - Republican - Bowie
Question 1: I am a private practice Veterinarian, Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Job Creator, and Constitutional Conservative Republican. I have 30+ years of business experience and Army Leadership skills. My family taught me moral values, personal responsibility, a strong work ethic, thrift, and patriotism. As a Veterinarian I am trained to find problems and fix them I have a conscience that won’t let me take what isn’t mine or waste what has been entrusted to me I am willing and able to make the hard but necessary choices to fix the problems our country is facing.

Question 2: America is broken and hurting because our economic system is out of balance. Our Federal government takes too much from hardworking Americans, spends too much wastefully, and over-regulates our businesses. First we must reduce the overall spending and stop the wasteful spending - - real cuts, not just cuts in growth.  We must balance the budget, and stop the borrowing that is putting our children and grandchildren in debt and our country at risk. We must decrease the Federal regulations that are stifling business and job creating to put people back to work. We must pull the Federal Government back within its Constitutional limits, restoring the states’ authority over powers not granted to the federal government by the Constitution, nor prohibited to the States. We must stop punishing success, especially business success, and stop rewarding failure and irresponsibility. I will dedicate myself to doing all these things as your Representative.

Elaine Hays - Republican - Amarillo
Question 1: I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), president and co-owner of Hays & Hays Financial Services in Amarillo. I have a BBA in Marketing from TCU, a Master of Science in Finance and Economics from West Texas A&M and 51 doctoral hours in Economics from Texas Tech. I have co-authored two books: When God We Trust and Avoiding the Top Ten Money Mistakes. I have taught financial workshops from a biblical perspective for the past 20 years and helped develop seminar curriculum for The ABC’s of Financial Parenting and 10-4-20 (Ten Musts for Twenty-Somethings).

Question 2: One of the most concerning issues facing our country is our massive debt that continues to spiral out of control, currently surpassing $17 trillion dollars. As a CFP, I understand fiscal responsibility and will lead the charge in making sure Congress understands the destructive nature of excessive debt and the importance of spending within their means. With Congressional approval at historic lows, our elected officials must regain voter confidence in their ability to govern and represent all citizens. It is crucial for Congress to lead by example and apply tough reforms to themselves first before asking it of the American public. It is time to eliminate the special exemptions and privileges our current members of Congress enjoy, such as lucrative pension retirement plans and subsidies to purchase ObamaCare. If a law is good enough for the rest of
us, it should be good enough for those living in Washington a well.

Mac Thornberry - Republican - Clarendon
Question 1: Fifth generation Texan. Raised on family ranch and continue to be involved in family cattle business. Graduate of Texas Tech and University of Texas Law School. Currently represent the 13 district. Serve as Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and as a senior member on the Select Committee on Intelligence.

Question 2: 1. Encouraging economic growth for more jobs and higher standards of living by cutting spending and debt and by simplifying and reforming the tax code. 2. Limiting the growth of regulations and the damage they cause by restricting the agencies’ use of funds. 3. Continuing to push for repeal of Obamacare and being ready with alternative policies that put doctors and patients in charge of health care. 4. Meeting Congress’s constitutional duties to provide for the defense of the nation in a time of tight budgets and growing threats around the world.

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