Major Drug Busts on the Rise on Texoma HIghways

It's been right at 5 months since Washington and Colorado became the first 2 U.S. states to legalize the possession and sale of marijuana for recreational use. Local law enforcement officials aren't ready to say that's had any kind of impact here at home. 

They will say major drug busts on our highways are indeed on the rise. Sheriff, David Duke says it was just last night someone was stopped in Wichita County who tried to get off the hook for marijuana possession with a medicinal prescription from another state.

Several others have been arrested in just the past month after much larger busts. Troopers say on February 5th, Benjamin Cohen of California, was busted for transporting 120 pounds of marijuana, the largest marijuana bust in Clay County history. 

In early March, Linda Sue Caldwell of California was busted in Clay County as well, and charged with carrying more than 100 pounds of marijuana in her Cadillac. J

ust last week troopers say around 24 pounds of marijuana was found after another Clay County stop. Greta Marie McAdams was driving a car that also had California plates. The reasons for these major busts could be many and Sheriff Duke says they consider all the possibilities.

"There is quite a bit of growing it, especially in California, it does get pushed across other parts of the United States, including the middle United States.  So, it is possible it's happening like that, that the marijuana's being grown. But, then we're also getting the crystal methamphetamine that's coming up south of the border through Texas," Sheriff Duke Said.

"The troopers were just very vigilant in what they were looking for and what was said. These guys are trained to listen to what's being said. And, when something doesn't fit in, when something doesn't sound right, they just ask a few more questions," he added. 

"So, those in law enforcement know, dealers are working harder than ever to get their supply from point A to point B, and those trafficking through Texoma could be anyone, and any age."

"There's a lot of money involved in these drugs.  So, money is a big issue.  Money can tempt a lot of people."

And, it can leave them regretting their actions. Both Sheriff Duke, and Trooper Tony Fulton say the person who someone might suspect of being a drug dealer often times won't be, and vice versa. They say successful busts boil down to handling routine traffic stops correctly.         

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