Making the Grade: Kirby Today

News isn't an easy business. But, these students in Mr. McCartney’s eighth grade broadcast journalism class
at Kirby Junior High make it seem effortless.

"Kirby Today" is a student produced newscast that covers all the important issues surrounding Kirby Junior High like:
popular music, lunch and weather.

Each day students come in and put on a newscast that is broadcast throughout each classroom.

Carrying out the production takes team work. Each student takes on a unique roll to get the job done

"The director is one of the main people because if you don't have the director, the stuff on the TV would be messed up."
said Tanner Martinez.

While director is a pretty important gig, running the camera is an important job too.

Camera operator Aaliyah Clay says, "Well if we didn't have the cameras then we couldn’t be on the news so without
the is nothing.”

And to really drive a great newscast home, someone has to communicate with viewers.

Kirby Today news anchor, Katlyn Parks says, "It's like really cool because you get to like see yourself on the news
and like you see yourself on
TV and you know people are watching you and it's really cool."

And all the time viewers are watching, others are working hard behind the scenes running teleprompter,
building graphics and animations.

While "Kirby Today" broadcasts throughout the school, there are plans to take their product to a whole new level.

"We're moving over and incorporating more things online. Our shows are online now. We eventually want to expand
and have a twitter feed for our newscasts to actually see what students are talking about. So the possibilities are really
endless at where broadcast journalism can go at Kirby.

And with these tech savvy students at Kirby Junior High, their future in journalism surely has endless possibilities

To watch "Kirby Today" and other Kirby Junior High productions click the following link:

Eric Jeansonne KFDX 3 News

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