Making the Grade: Southern Hills Elementary

Students at Southern Hills Elementary aren't just turning pages and taking notes.
They're keeping their school clean and helping the environment at the same time.

The school has a recycling program  headed up by the sixth grade recycling crew. 

Southern Hills is already a clean campus.

But the students at this school don't want to have just a clean school they want a clean environment.

6th grader science teacher Melissa Snody started a recycling program last year at the school  and she says its become more of a campus movement than a project.
Sixth grader Elizabeth Meza has been part of the crew since last semester she's learning lessons that will stick with them beyond sixth grade.

"It makes me feel good because your helping out the whole environment and everything," said recycle crew member Elizabeth Meza.

"When you help out the community it makes the world a better place", said 6th grader and crew member Jacob Weaver.
These students aren't just learning the importance of renew reuse recycle because in order to be on the recycle crew you have to be in good standing with the teachers.

"You have to make sure that you didn't get any conduct cuts that week and have all your work done,"said Meza . 
Even though you have to be a sixth grader to be on the crew....
The whole school is doing its part to keep the school and the environment clean.

"It's important to take care of your environment or else it can get really dirty," Meza added.

All the recycled paper is transported to the cities recycling center.
In addition to recycling paper Southern Hills students also recycle capri-sun drinking pouches.

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