Making the Grade: Students Use their Noodles at Zundy Junior High

This isn't your typical math lesson for eighth graders at Zundy Junior High.
Instead of crunching numbers and solving for variables, they are using the 
old noodle in a different way. 

Using only spaghetti, string, tape and marshmallows, this math lesson is a 
pretty tall order.

But everyone pulled together to make it work.
"They all put in a good effort...and it was fun."

The group with the tallest structure shared their winning strategy.
"We all stuck together and we all worked the hardest." 

But today's task was about more than just building the tallest modern marvel 
made of pasta.

"We are trying to teach our kids to be linear thinkers. To burn a path in their 
mind that if this - then that. So not only will they be able to solve math problems 
and science problems, but problems in life as well." 

Math is a subject that requires critical and analytical thinking skills that build 
over time. 

This assignment is actually the student's second time around. 

They were given the chance to re-analyze what worked and what didn't from their 
previous attempt and the second chance paid off!
"That's what we want kids to learn from this assignment is if I make a mistake...
that doesn't mean oh I'm done...that means let's think about it can I become 
a stronger thinker because of that. We want them to think. Either pass or fail great. 
But if you fail...ask questions...understand what you did wrong. Change and learn." 

And learning is exactly what's going on here.

Eric Jeansonne KFDX 3 News

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