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Man and great-grandson killed in house fire laid to rest

WICHITA FALLS - Family, friends and community members gathered to say a final farewell to a beloved great-grandfather and a young boy who lost their lives last week.

85-year-old Tony Perez and his great-grandson, 10-year-old Brian Perez Jr. were found in their home on Tradewinds Road after a tragic fire on Nov. 27.

"I selfishly miss them and I want them to be here but I know in my heart that I will be reunited with them again one day," granddaughter Brandy Becker said.

Many mourned the lives of Tony Perez and his great grandson, Brian, at Life Church on Monday after they were unexpectedly taken away a week ago by an early morning house fire.

The home meant to much to many generations of the family.

"They had their grandkids in their house. They had their great grandkids in their house," grand daughter and aunt Candice Armey said. "He never once got tired of having us home."

Though the house is now gone, family members will remember it fondly as a place they were always welcome.

"Dad was the kind of man that never minded having kids in his house," Armey said. "By the time you usually get home from work, you're exhausted. The last thing you want is a house full of screaming kids. But not Dad."

Tony -- or "Dad" as the family called him -- was remembered as a hard worker and above all, a family man.

"I really don't know when it happened but it went from father daughter, to friends. He became one of my best friends," grandmother and daughter Victoria Perez said about her father, Tony. "I loved loved spending time with him."

As did many of his other family members and one person who was usually with him was Brian. Looking back on the young boy's life brought brief moments of joy.

"You could usually see him before you saw him because he was so loud," Armey said it was because he was so full of life. They also say young boy was smart and always wore a smile that brightened the world around him.

"I'll never forget one thing about little Brian was that when he opened that door I'll see that for all eternity. That smile on his face just like that one," Perez said.

While family and friends face a very heavy loss, they're left with fond memories of two individuals who left a lasting impression on their hearts.

"I'm going to miss them both everyday. ," Armey said.

"I wanted to keep them here longer," Perez said. "But God had other plans."

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