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Man Arrested for Allegedly Using $100 Bills Marked "For Motion Picture Use Only"


A 20 year old man faces trial for passing counterfeit money after police allege he met two men in a parking lot  to buy a hover board, and paid them with fake $100 bills.  
Michael Williams  is charged with forgery of currency. The men said  the board was advertised for sale on Facebook and Williams  told them  to meet him in the Target parking lot.
When they arrived they said Williams gave them three $100 bills for the hover board. One of the men said he could tell immediately the bills were fake, and confronted Williams.
They said Williams jumped in a red Ford Mustang and drove off. The two then called police and gave them the license plate, and police located Williams at a home on Rosemary. The men also tried to alert others to the fake bills on the site, but say Williams had blocked them.
Police say they asked Williams if he had the  hover board, and he turned it over to them and also that he told them he bought the three counterfeit $100 bills for $45 dollars.
Each bill had the same serial number, and another clue they might be fake was that  they were each marked "for motion picture use only." 

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