May 2014: Rainfall Deficit Continues to Grow (Map Included)

The month of May brought rain to many locations of Texoma.  But with the drought in such an extreme, or should I say the correct terminology "exceptional" state, the rain didn't really help the overall situation.

For the month of May here is how it breaks down for Wichita Falls:
(The airport is the official recording locations for rainfall in Wichita Falls).
  • 3.79"  Normal May Rainfall
  • 1.08"  2014 Total May Rainfall
  • -2.71"  2014 May Rainfall Deficit

  • 11.49"  Normal Yearly Rainfall for January - May
  • 5.10"  2014 Total Rainfall for January - May
  • -6.39"  2014 Rainfall Deficit for January - May

During the month of May here are the dates that the airport actually recorded rainfall:

  • May 7:  0.06"
  • May 8:  0.65"
  • May 12:  T
  • May 13:  0.06"
  • May 23:  T
  • May 24:  0.06"
  • May 25:  0.01"
  • May 26:  0.03"
  • May 27:  0.21"

NOTE: A label of a "T" indicates a trace of rainfall.  A Trace of rainfall is when rain falls to the ground but the amount of rainfall is not measurable.

Overall the amounts of rain that fell were considered below to very much below normal for about 66% of Texoma including Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Lawton, OK and Comanche County.  While the only areas that received above normal rainfall were the far northwest, west and southern sections of Texoma.  But even for them the amount of rain, although above normal, was not enough to improve the drought.

See the map in the video located above.  And, for more information you can check out the links to the top right of this story.

KFDX Meteorologist Bryan Rupp

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