Miracle Field Gives Athletes with Disabilities a Chance to Play Ball

- Despite Saturday’s gloomy weather, athletes from across Texoma hit the baseball field.

Saturday was the second game of the season for the Miracle League, a program that gives children with disabilities the chance to play t-ball thanks to a special field, that gives all kids access.

Saturday's games also marked the start of a new partnership as the YMCA is taking over the organization from the junior league of Wichita Falls.

Families at the Miracle Field Saturday say the league is about letting their kids be themselves no matter what obstacles they have to overcome.

Miracle Field shined bright Saturday with the smiles of the athletes.

“He loves it, he loves the attention, he wants everybody to clap for him,” says Jodi Trietsch.

Jodi Trietsch decided to get her son colt, involved with the Miracle League so he wouldn't have to always sit on the sidelines.

“He sees his brother play baseball every weekend, he love it so we brought him out here to have the opportunity to do the same kind of stuff,” says Trietsch.

Now that he gets to play ball as well, she says it allows him to push through his boundaries.

To show him that he can do anything that he wants to do, to have no limits.

Keeping up with her sibling is exactly why Kylie joined the Miracle League three years ago.

“Her sister was playing t-ball and doing a lot of stuff and she wanted to involved with doing something,” says Kylie's mom Erin Johnson.

As the seasons pass,  Kylie's mom says she's watched Kylie blossom, through getting to play on the team.

“She's apart of a group she's completely supported, we've met a lot of great families out here and she has something to go and talk about, and brag about,” says Johnson. 

Both families agree experiences they get at the old ball game, makes every family, and every kid, a winner.

The YMCA plans to further expanded their special needs programs for more information click here.

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