Miracle Monday: Audrey Barnard

A Wichita Falls High School senior is about to be heading off to college down around Austin at Southwestern University in Georgetown.

As you can imagine, Audrey Barnard and her parents are very excited about the opportunities ahead of her. Opportunities made possible too, because of Children's Miracle Network at United Regional.

Throughout the years, you've watched our annual broadcast, and helped raise millions of dollars to help fund pediatric equipment and services in our community.

Continuing our Miracle Monday series, Audrey's story is a perfect example of how your support of CMN continues to make miracles happen.

"Hi, I'm Audrey Barnard, and you might remember me from when I was 4-years-old. I had a brain tumor, and now I'm a senior at Wichita Falls High School."

But, that was not the first time Audrey's family came to depend on and appreciate Children's Miracle Network. In 1995, Bill and Lolly Barnard's second daughter was born with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. She had to be resuscitated twice, and then had to have special care in the newborn intensive care unit for several days.

"Really we thought, you know that's the worse thing that could ever happen to us, and it's happened to us. So, you just don't ever anticipate that you will face anything like that again," Audrey's mom Lolly explained.

But, while Lolly's older daughter, Libby was at the pediatrician for a routine visit, it was Audrey's recent headaches that soon took center stage.

"When Audrey was there after I saw her and I saw the abnormal examination, I knew that what we probably had was a brain tumor," Audrey's doctor said.

And, test results from an immediate CT scan at United Regional verified the doctor's worst fears, and just like any parents, the Barnards'.

"I was at the office when I got the phone call from Lolly, and she said come right over. So, I drove over to the hospital," Audrey's father Bill said.

"That's the most horrifying thing you can hear, I think about your child, because you can't see it. You had no warning. It's not like you had a broken leg or an accident or something. I think Bill and I felt like we had just fallen off the world," said Lolly.

But, once again, Children's Miracle Network, and its many supporters, were there to pick Audrey and the Barnards back up again.

"I think what really stands out to me about this story is that, Dr. Sultemeier explains that had it not been for our hospital being a part of Children's Miracle Network and having the equipment available and ready there to diagnose Audrey and to keep her stable until we could get her to Fort Worth, she would have become progressively worse and she would not have survived," Lolly told us.

Which is why your contribution to CMN is so very important.

"You know, if you didn't donate before, you wouldn't see me here. So, I think you should donate to have other kids be like me," Audrey says.

"I will be graduating in June and go to Southwestern University in Georgetown to major in kinesiology, and hopefully one day become a physical therapist," she said.

To find out more on how you can make a difference, just go to http://www.unitedregional.org/childrens-miracle-network

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