"Miss Walgreens" Honored with Spirit of Texoma Award

We recently got a nomination for the Spirit of Texoma Award for a woman known by most as "Miss Walgreens."

It didn't take us long to figure out why Fran Perry got that name.

This Spirit of Texoma Award winner has been much more than a cashier for her customers the last 16 years.

You find far more than customer service inside the Walgreens at 9th and Brook in Wichita Falls.

From the moment you walk through the doors you hear Fran Perry's big voice, before you even see the huge smile on her face!

Fran says, "I always tell everyone I come in cute and by the time I leave I am a hot mess.  Makeup is everywhere you just never know with me. I just do what I love to do and that is just to have a genuine compassion to take care of people.  If they look like they need a hug or if they look like something is going on, I just ask questions.  I don't know that I am nosy, I am just concerned.  My Momma always said that one person can make a huge difference and to realize I am that person is such an amazing, amazing feeling and I feel I truly am who I am because of who she was.  So this award is not just for me, it is for her also.  Stay true to who I am.  Be who I am and do what I am supposed to do.  Just love people the way I want to be love.  Just treat people like you want to be treated.  If you see someone that you think needs a hug, hug them.  Be the person with the kind word.  I am thankful to be able to do what I do.  To be able to be a part of my customers' lives and they treat me like family and allow me to treat them like family.  Not only my customers, but my coworkers too.  I think I am where I am supposed to be and doing what I am supposed and it is just an amazing feeling to be loved for just being who I am."

For many years now Fran has been helping others find the good in each day and showing the true Spirit of Texoma to every customer who comes through her line.

In addition to being called "Miss Walgreens" by many Texomans, Fran says her boss refers to her as the Fez of Walgreens.

She says she plans to continue working there for many years, that is unless she wins the lottery!

Owens and Brumley Funeral Homes congratulate Fran for her exceptional service to others.

If you know someone like Fran who deserves this award please nominate them now------> http://thp.upickem.net/engine/YourSubmission.aspx?contestid=42428

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