Mom Afraid for Baby during 10th St. Stand-off

A man, who barricaded himself inside a Wichita Falls apartment after police say he tried to rob a convenience store while carrying a gun, is now behind bars.

Andrew Reynolds, 24, is charged with aggravated robbery.

For more than three hours, Wichita Falls swat and negotiation teams worked to get Reynolds out of the apartment safely.

The stand-off ended with no injuries.

But one mother says she almost called first responders while trapped inside, scared for her baby's life.

Around eight this morning things quickly escalated, says a resident at the Harmony apartments in the 1700 block of 10th street.

I was going upstairs and the police pulled in and asked me if I saw anybody and as soon as I got downstairs this guy ran right behind me and he runs into an apartment down there and locks himself in there,” said Ronald Ramage.

Police say the man was running after being recognized by an officer as the suspect they believe attempted to rob a Walgreens while claiming to have a gun, about a block away at Brook and 9th.

Then, SWAT and negotiation teams were brought to the scene, and that created problems for some apartment residents.

Because he's right underneath me they told me to get down there because my sister lives down there, so I was already down there so I had no choice but to get in her apartment because they didn't want no one down here at all because this guy had a gun,” said Jennifer Maberry, one of the Harmony apartment residents.

Along with Jennifer, was her five month old son, Bobby, who she says was diagnosed with a restrictive airway and needs to have breathing treatments every two hours.

I was very scared and I wanted them to get that guy out of here so I could come down here and take care of my baby like I need to,” she said.

Jennifer says she was close to calling an ambulance.

But lucky for her, Wichita Falls PD was able to catch their suspect, before baby Bobby's breathing could have become much worse.

The apartment that Reynolds locked himself into was being renovated at the time.

Police say they still don't know whether or not Reynolds knew it was vacant or if he just got lucky to find a space to lock himself into.

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