Montague Co. Sheriff's Officials Discuss Dash Cam Video of Deputy Shooting

Two months ago Deputy James Boyd was shot several times in Bowie after pulling over a vehicle on a highway.

That stop resulted him fighting for his life.

Now that the dash cam video from his patrol car has been released Montague County Sheriff Paul Cunningham was fighting back emotions as he sat with me and viewed this graphic video.

Dash cam video shows Montague County Sheriff's Deputy James Boyd walking behind a black Cadillac with Colorado license plates.

Just as he bends to make verbal contact with the driver he's shot three times before the driver takes off.

This all happened on March 21st on Highway 287 in Bowie.

"It's a very tragic and hard hitting impact that the deputy went through and it was hard to watch," Sgt. Jack McGuinn with Montague County Sheriff's Office.

"You feel every round that hits him yourself," says Sheriff Cunningham.

Montague Sheriff Paul Cunningham says the pain of watching Boyd slowly regain consciousness on the roadside was agonizing, especially after he learned where the three bullets struck Boyd.

"One of the shots richoted off his chest and went into his cell phone. One went across his shoulder," says Sheriff Cunningham.

Cunningham says the third bullet grazed his head embedding bone fragments in his brain.

Two minutes pass before a driver stops to help Boyd and that driver was an off-duty Johnson County Sheriff's detective.

While the detective calls for help from Boyd's radio Boyd then help out.

Before emergency crews hustle Boyd to the hospital gets on his radio and gives dispatch a description of the suspect's vehicle, which was driven by convicted felon, 28 year old Evan Ebel.

"If he hadn't been for his ability to get so much information out so quick, Ebel might not have been caught," Sheriff Cunningham says.

Again, the driver who shot Deputy Boyd was 28 year old Evan Ebel, a convicted felon from Colorado.

Authorities were able to catch up with him in Decatur where he crashed, what shot during a gun battle with officers and later died in a Fort Worth hospital.

I met with Deputy Boyd last Friday and he told me he has seen the dashcam video.

He says although it was hard to watch he says it has made him an even bigger advocate of wearing a bullet proof vest.

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